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Activities to do at home

The family is at home with the whole COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Days go by and the kids are starting to get restless, itching to go out or do something, but you’ve probably exhausted most things to do already! What else is there to do? Whether you have a tiny baby, a growing toddler, or a pre-teen/teen – here are some activities to do at home with the whole family.

Watch a new or old series and prepare food for it.

Got a Netflix subscription? Hulu? Disney Plus? Or even just a YouTube account? There’s a ton of series out today that you and your family can start watching or catch up on – if there’s already one ongoing. Prepare some snacks/food, and drinks that you’d want to try making at home – like that shake you’ve been wanting to have. Now’s the time to experiment and enjoy during your watch!

Activities to do at home - watching tv at home

Schedule “reading time” at home.

It can become pretty overwhelming to keep trying to do something. Here’s a win-win thought, a “quiet time” activity – like reading. You can schedule a certain time of the day with the fam to read any type of book. Kids get to choose their own and so does mom and dad. Even a mere 30 minutes – 1 hour will be good for everyone.

Activities to do at home - reading books at home

Make cleaning into playtime.

Tricky, tricky but not impossible! You can get creative and get the entire family to do some cleaning. Whether it be pretending to open up a car salon and clean the car or as some parents are doing, offer “money” (monopoly money for kids) for every household chore they can do. You can make it a themed way of cleaning so it doesn’t seem like a bore.

Activities to do at home - cleaning the home

Continue learning with free online classes/sessions.

There’s a ton of people and organisations offering free classes and art sessions. This can be a time for mom and/or dad to learn a new skill for work or to make out as income later or kid classes like art sessions for the kids to do at home. It’s always fun to learn and be able to connect with others online too.

Activities to do at home - learning and reading using an ipad

Doing DIYs.

All those saved links on Facebook and Pinterest boards can now be put to use! Get the family to do some fun DIY activity. Whether it be a food hack for some yummy snacks or arts and crafts for home decor – or even that fixer-upper that dad has been pending to do!

Activities to do at home - fixing up things


There are a lot of activities to do at home. There’s so much you can do if you just look around. Ultimately, use this time to be present and spend precious time with family. Let’s all do our part in helping the world heal by practicing social distancing and being home. And more than just scrolling through our social media feeds, let’s be present with the people surrounding us at this time – our family. Let your creativity run wild and do everything and anything at home!

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