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Homeschooling during this outbreak

Most community quarantines have been set for 1-3 months, while others are on lockdown indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only the businesses are affected but most schools around the world have also closed as citizens have been advised to stay home. Kids have no school and both mom and dad are home too.  As a parent, you worry about your children’s continuous education. You may want to consider homeschooling during this outbreak, as a solution.

How can we keep them learning?
Can we homeschool?
How do we start with our homeschool journey?

There are so many resources online and even parenting groups that parents can access – make it possible to do homeschooling. It seems appropriate to do so as well with the crisis this world is currently facing. But is it for you?

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Why homeschool?

Here are some reasons parents decide to do so.

  • Provide better focus with the parent teaching the child.
  • Want to be aware of what the child is learning.
  • Religious reasons – allow teaching faith in depth
  • Put less pressure on what the child needs to learn at certain ages.
  • Family reasons
  • The home atmosphere is more relaxed, and schedule can be tailored to the child’s needs
  • Focus on growing proper morals
  • Social problems usually encountered with traditional schooling
  • Student behavior problems at school
  • The child has special needs/disability
  • Transportation/convenience
  • Enable family to travel – These only to mention a few.

To help give a better understanding – here are some references on the benefits of homeschooling.

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Benefits of homeschooling

Don’t know how to start? Here’s a helpful guide for creating a lesson plan if you’re keen to do homeschooling during this outbreak.

Academic growth is better and more tailored.

The traditional school entails being of a certain age and having to learn specific curriculums. While this is “standard”, it’s not always at the child’s best interest. Children are unique and have their own pace – so for some, being able to have more freedom of what to learn and not be restricted allows them to learn better – resulting in doing better in academics.

It provides more personalized one-on-one learning opportunities.

A usual problem faced with classroom learning is that there is less focus on a child’s individual progress as a teacher would likely handle a large number of children. Homeschooling helps guide children better as there is more focused attention on one-on-one learning.

Social development.

Contrary to popular belief, homeschooled children are able to better socialize, provided with proper guidance and exposure, as they are not limited to just the kids in a classroom. If you’re a family who travels often, homeschooling provides a vast opportunity for social engagement. Children are able to speak with people not only of their age but with those that could provide wisdom.

Homeschooling during this outbreak - family walking taking a vacation togeteher

Families can take better vacations.

Because the world is the child’s classroom, they can learn anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, travelling can be something that’s part of your learning curriculum – the exposure they get always provides something to learn from.


If you’re thinking of taking this time to switch to homeschooling – there are a ton of references online to get you started. You just need to be patient with learning the system and applying it at home.

What can we do during this outbreak? — read our helpful article.

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