Pregnancy Myths

UPDATED: MAY 21, 2020

Being pregnant is such a wonderful thing but it can also become very overwhelming – and while expectant mothers try their best to do everything to care for their pregnancy and the child within, we hear so much about dos and don’ts while being pregnant. And a lot of these don’t even make sense! Click here to check the importance of prenatal checkups.

So we’ve gathered a number of pregnancy myths to debunk.

Myth: Eating certain foods can make your baby allergic to them.

We’ve probably heard this so often – “You shouldn’t eat peanuts while pregnant” “Eggplants aren’t good for you” and they all usually end with “that can make your baby allergic to them when they come out!”.

Truth? Nope! Whatever mom eats has no direct link to determining the future baby’s reaction to food. However, there are some foods that would be best to avoid while pregnant but the only person who can tell you that is your doctor as they should know your medical history that includes your food allergies.

Myth: If your baby sits low on the womb – it’s a boy! And vice versa.

“The position of your baby in the womb can tell you if you’re having a girl or a boy” – this is absolutely false. Your baby, regardless of gender, is constantly turning around. Whether they sit at the top of the womb or at the bottom, it has nothing to do with determining the gender. The only way to determine this is to get an ultrasound – and in some countries a blood test.

Pregnancy Myths - It's a boy! Or girl?

Myth: ‘Eating for two’ while pregnant.

You should be eating to keep yourself healthy. For the most, the baby inside the womb is reliant on the mother’s condition. Expecting mothers don’t have to “double up” on intake. This notion becomes a risk to both the mother and the child as gaining too much weight can cause pregnancy complications during labor and delivery.

Myth: Morning sickness only happens in the morning.

The state of becoming nauseous or having nausea while pregnant can happen to some women – not all – and for those that do, it can occur at any time during the day.

Myth: Cream can help avoid stretch marks.

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is absolutely not true. While there are ways to try to lessen the visibility of stretch marks – some will get it and some won’t. Stretch marks can be hereditary and that’s something unavoidable. Pregnancy creams and moisturizers can help with getting your skin more elastic to help with the stretch marks to become less wide/visible – it does not ultimately avoid stretch marks.

Myth: You can’t Fly while pregnant or travel on a boat.

Your doctor will be the one to determine if you can or cannot. It ultimately boils down to your condition. But even those in their 3rd trimester can still fly – granting that they’ve got the go signal from their doctor and the airline they’re flying with permits them (as some airlines may have strict policies with pregnant women flying – some requiring medical certificates).

Myth: You can’t have sex.

Seems harsh to be sentenced to 9 months of abstinence for the very act that got you pregnant in the first place, right? Well, Gladly this is absolutely not true! The baby inside the mom is completely safe in their own bubble (in the placenta) which keeps them safe and is “impenetrable” – So no, you won’t hit the baby while having sex and the baby will be perfectly fine.

And there it is folks! Myths debunked!

When in doubt, ask your doctor, not your neighbor or google.

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