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Prenatal visits during the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you a pregnant mom during this COVID-19 pandemic? With all the hospital scare of possibly contracting the virus, are prenatal visits during the COVID-19 pandemic even possible?

Frontliners around the world are being kept busy. All health practitioners are either being recommended to self isolate or have been discouraged to meet face to face with outside patients. Due to this, trying to make a physical appointment with your doctor may become difficult. In these trying times, it may be hard but people are constantly finding ways to cope and operate even during this time of an outbreak.

Prenatal visits during the COVID-19 pandemic - woman having a video call with her doctor

The world is now unlocking its full potential – and we’re seeing a different side to how everything is indeed possible if we just allow it. Doctors are now doing check ups online and even offering free consultations! So if you’re a pregnant mom – here are ways that you can still get your prenatal check ups without the risk of contracting the virus.

Check with your doctor if they’d be willing to do a prenatal over the phone.

If you’re under 37 weeks pregnant, your OB/Health practitioner will likely be offering this already and will hold your check ups over the phone. There’s likely less of a need to see you physically since you haven’t reached full term yet. You just have to be very honest with everything that you’re feeling and going through so your doctor can prescribe you with what you need -and if all is well, there shouldn’t be a need for you to make a physical visit.

Prenatal visits during the COVID-19 pandemic - pregnant woman using her phone

In the case that your usual doctor isn’t available because they’re either busy fighting against COVID-19 or have been infected themselves, you can:

See if online consultations or phone calls are possible.

Check your local community. Call the hospital or check online through social media or their website. You can ask if they have doctors who are offering consultations online. This is definitely likely happening everywhere already as patients are being discouraged as well from visiting hospitals – unless in dire need of medical assistance or if you’ve contracted the COVID-19 virus as well.

You’ve probably noticed people sharing infographics online with doctors who are offering online consultations – and even some for free! Check the list of doctors available and their time slots and book a schedule with them. A lot of these doctors will either do consultations via e-mail or through text/call.

You can always call your preferred or nearby hospital to see which doctors can do consultations online. If you haven’t gotten a prenatal check up yet and just starting to, you may want to:

Consider birthing homes / birthing clinics instead.

Yes, there is another option other than a hospital check up and hospital birth! Few are aware, but, you can try searching for a good birthing home/clinic. The risk of being exposed to the virus is less – as their only patients would be birthing moms.

If you’re considering a home birth as well – you’ll most likely be able to find a midwife or doula who will be able to grant you with your want for a home birth. However, even though birthing homes/clinics are less risky – they too have been advised to practice social distancing. So you’re likely to also get consultations with them online or via the phone. But there is at least some security in knowing that if you need to visit – the risk is less.

We should all be in this to help fight the spread of COVID-19. It’s essential that we know our rights and options to be able to have access to proper healthcare.

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