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Preparing or giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: May 21, 2020

2020 came with much surprises. From bush fires around the globe, reports of the Antarctic ice breaking due to global warming – and now the COVID-19 pandemic putting most of the world into a lockdown. It seems to be a very scary time to be bringing a new born into this world right now – but the baby is inside of you and coming out very soon. Read through for some tips whether you’re preparing or giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number one advice every health practitioner will tell you, especially when you’re pregnant, is not to stress yourself too much. Does this even seem possible at a time like this? With the news and the need to prepare for both your newborn, this time really calls for proper “stress management”.

Here are some ways to help prepare for your newborn during this trying time and some stress management tips.

Clean/disinfect and rearrange the household

Preparing or giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic - disinfecting the house

We all know that keeping good hygiene and constant disinfecting is a great way to prevent the virus from entering. If you’re nearing labor – you’re probably already in your “nesting phase” where you’re trying to get everything ready for the baby already.

Here are some recommended cleaning and disinfectants:
Stress management tip :

Take this time to really focus your time and energy on getting the household “baby ready”. If you have to go online – use this time to search for baby room ideas. We all know how addictive it can be to look at cute nursery rooms and DIY decor making. Get creative, not stressed!

Stock up on your needs/ essentials

Preparing or giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic - doing groceriesIf you’re able to – now would be the best time to do all the grocery and buying in preparation for when the baby arrives. You’re going to be spending most of your time taking care and getting used to life with your newborn – so things like going out for your weekly groceries or last minute buying will become challenging.

Stress management tip :

Make a list of everything that you need. You can separate your lists per place for buying. Example : Make a list for all your food groceries, another list for all baby equipment needs, another list for all mommy and daddy needs, and another for something you’ll need that’s meant to be bought elsewhere. Try to think long term – so you won’t need to end up buying something you’ll need soon at the last minute. If you have everything ahead – you’ll be less worried and stressed and will be able to focus on caring for your newborn.

Check ahead for your preferred pediatrician

Preparing or giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic - call your preferred pediatrician

If you already have a preferred pediatrician in mind, you may want to check their availability ahead. See if they are able to do online consultations or even via phone. It’s essential to know that your preferred pediatrician is readily available, willing, and someone you’re comfortable with – since they’ll be someone you’ll be calling frequently for any baby related matters.

Stress management tip :

Get in touch ahead or with their secretary. Let them know that you’re expecting your newborn soon and opting for them to be your child’s pediatrician. You can search online as well for feedback/reviews to see how they usually treat their patients and if they may be how you expect them to be. You don’t want to end up with a doctor who you’re not comfortable with or someone you cannot be completely open to. So check around ahead.

Hopefully these tips will help you manage stress and things in your household – in preparation for your newborn. Most importantly, try to stay away from the things that usually trigger your stress so you can welcome your newborn happily. We all need to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

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