Child Care

Brain development activities for newborns and infants - mom playing with baby

Brain development activities for newborns and infants

It’s within a child’s first three years of life that are critical for learning and development. Parents wonder how soon their babies can start learning and if they can do anything for their child’s brain development. As each child grows day by day, they are constantly learning about everything around them through every engagement. The […]

Rashes - what's common and what's not - sleep baby with rashes yawning

Rashes – what’s common and what’s not

The journey of parenthood can be quite scary if not armed with enough knowledge or the right information. There are too many things that end up happening which can either set off a panic attack or push you off the road of sanity. One of the things that likely come up is baby rashes. As […]

Teething and what you need to know - Baby putting toy in the mouth

Teething and what you need to know

Your cutie patootie is growing and you’re starting to notice a change in behavior and/or something in their gums which seems to make them a little uncomfortable – if so, your little one is probably starting to teeth! For some babies, teething isn’t really a bother but for the most, it truly is. It’s important […]

Activities to do with the kids

Activities to do at home

The family is at home with the whole COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Days go by and the kids are starting to get restless, itching to go out or do something, but you’ve probably exhausted most things to do already! What else is there to do? Whether you have a tiny baby, a growing toddler, or […]

Homeschooled Children

Homeschooling during this outbreak

Most community quarantines have been set for 1-3 months, while others are on lockdown indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only the businesses are affected but most schools around the world have also closed as citizens have been advised to stay home. Kids have no school and both mom and dad are home too.  […]

Baby fed by parent

Baby food for first-time parents

Giving your baby his or her first food is one of the most nerve-racking moments for first-time parents. When’s the right time? What solid food is allowed and what food is healthy for my baby? These are the types of questions that will run through our mind. Not to mention the recipe. Thankfully, there are […]

The world is now in a pandemic - woman wearing mask for safety

What can we do during an outbreak?

The world is now in a pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus. Some countries are in lockdown and cities all around the world are following community quarantine. As parents, we are responsible for taking precautionary measures at home as well. Given the current situation – we shouldn’t fret. We must remain calm and continue to […]

Baby Sleeping

Sudden infant death syndrome

Updated: May 27, 2020 Every mom has heard this but is probably confused by what it is – SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, sometimes referred to as “crib death” or “cot death”, is an unexplained death that usually occurs in infants during sleep. While this is known as “Crib/Cot death” it does not necessarily insinuate […]