Get pregnant with or without sex

Ways to get pregnant with and without sex

So you’re sitting there, contemplating having a child but have heard that sex isn’t always a 100% guarantee to have one? Well, it’s true. More than just the act of making a baby, there are a ton of things that factor into being able to conceive – like your health and well being, sperm count, […]


Pregnancy Myths

Being pregnant is such a wonderful thing but it can also become very overwhelming – and while expectant mothers try their best to do everything to care for their pregnancy and the child within, we hear so much about do’s and don’ts while being pregnant. And a lot of these don’t even make sense! Check […]


How important are prenatal checkups?

So you’ve found out that you’re pregnant – congratulations! You might be thinking now what to do next? Call and inform your friends and family? Start looking into babywear and gadgets? First things first, get a check-up! Want to know the benefits of breastfeeding? Visit your OB-GYNE It is crucial that you visit an OB-GYNE […]